Hymn for a movie? Deep Water Horizon

John Danner writes this: Back in 2010, when the Deep Water Horizon oil spill occurred, I wrote a hymn that was used for a Florida Conference prayer vigil. The hymn was also circulated through the national UCC website as a resource for those wishing to organize worship around the environmental concerns that were raised by the event. With the release this weekend of the film “Deep Water Horizon” I remembered that hymn and share it with you for Gifts in Open Hands.”

How little does a congregation expect a hymn to reflect a current movie? Surprise them!

How often do we forget disasters of the past and what we should have learned from them? Sing and remember!

(TUNE: Melita, often called “The Navy Hymn”)

This hymn text was written in response to the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico which occurred in 2010. It is dedicated to the many women and men who work to save our environment.

O Gracious Maker, from your hand, have come to us both sea and land.
You fill our oceans, far and wide, place trees throughout the countryside,
You scatter clouds across the sky,
Make fish to swim, and birds to cry.

But all too often we’ve ignored, the trust you’ve placed in us dear Lord;
We fail to handle earth with care, we leave a stain most ev’rywhere,
We spill your oil and tar the land,
We darken river, marsh and sand.

Give us the courage that we need, to conquer selfishness and greed.
Help us to change our wasteful ways, so earth might see far better days.
Teach us to know what’s right, what’s wrong,
So ev’ry voice might raise a song!

–John H. Danner, July, 2010

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2 Responses to Hymn for a movie? Deep Water Horizon

  1. If I was still in contact with Peter Berg (the director of the film – I went to college with him), I would share this post with him.

  2. Maren says:

    Amazing how connected we all are!

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