I vote the future

I vote my grandchild’s education
and my grandchild’s grandchild’s earth.
I vote the future.

I vote my faith in the gifts
to this country
of a child who is today
running from the wars of Syria,
eating frijoles con arroz in Guatemala.
I vote the future.

I vote for water protectors
in the cold winds of North Dakota,
and Racists Anonymous
meeting in a church basement
to take the first step
in recovery of the heart.
I vote the future.

I vote the memory of the gifts
of veterans and poets,
of the framers of constitution
and the people who walk
a long afternoon knocking
with a knob hanger in their hands
for even the slammed door.
I vote the future.

With my debate-tired ears
and my email petition red eyes
I choose one candidate and another,
a President of the United States,
a Sheriff and a City Clerk.
I say yes or no on a change
for my state or my town.
I buy a cookie
at the election day bake sale.

It doesn’t look glamorous.
It doesn’t feel brave,
I don’t expect the news media
of all the world
to watch my small act of faith.
But, for the sake
of my grandchild’s grandchild,
I vote the future.

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6 Responses to I vote the future

  1. Fine poem. Am praying hard for a Trump free future. Have been phoning and driving canvassers. All of which I find rather foolish work, but what else can you do, to try to help.

  2. Maren says:

    Good for you. One of my six graders went on Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon with her mom canvassing and people slammed the door on her. Can you imagine?

  3. Maren, may I post this on Facebook? or are you doing so and i have just missed? I want to share…thank you.

    • Maren says:

      I did post it on Facebook as well. FB is crazy — sometimes things come up and sometimes they do not.Feel free to share from me or re-post from here. I am honored.

  4. Elsa Marshall says:

    I vote with you Maren. Once again, thank you for your wonderful gifts to all of us……Love always, Elsa Marshall

  5. Maren says:

    Thank you, Elsa. You are missed here in the north.

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