Telling the Truth — america after the Election

I have grown old and being a grandmother may have taken my teeth. I am too quick to go to … how can we heal, how can we organize to protect the vulnerable, how can we protest, how can we be compassionate in the face of dis-compassion, how can we model being, as Hillary Clinton said in her concession speech — “hopeful, inclusive and big-hearted.” 

So some words of bright, fierce good anger:

Words from a longer blog post by Maria Mankin

I don’t want to believe it, but right now, the evidence that hatred is a signifier of our country is undeniable. The bully won, the way bullies often do in real life. And the message that it sends to our young people, our allies, and our enemies is this:

if you are have been sexually assaulted, be afraid, because knowledge of that assault will not keep a man out of the White House

if you, or your partner, or your children have skin that isn’t white, be afraid, because the people who are meant to protect you will be allowed to gun you down in the street with no repercussions

if you are disabled, experience mental illness, or are otherwise physically or mentally vulnerable, be afraid, because that nagging concern you had of being considered lesser has been validated by people who control your access to healthcare

if your birth certificate claims anything other than American citizenship, be afraid, because no matter why you’ve come here ,or what you’ve sacrificed and accomplished, you are not welcome

if you worship in a mosque, be afraid, because the war that has been laid on your doorstep for fifteen years is not going anywhere

if you love a person or are a person who is LGBTQQIAAP, be afraid, because all of those rights you’ve slowly grasped in the last eight years are tenuous at best

if you are a woman, or you have daughters or nieces or granddaughters, be afraid, because no matter how hard you or they work, no matter how carefully you or they follow the rules, there will always be a man standing by with no qualification but gender to take it all away

Dirge For A Veterans Day by Stephen Price

“They’re not like us at all, at all
“these Gypsies, Jews and queers.
“They snuck into our country, taking over and doing strange things.
“The world does not respect us. Our enemies have shamed us.
“We must make Germany great again.”

So they went inside and closed the doors, shut the windows tight
Against the stench from the ovens down the road.
And when the trains rolled by with the stick people inside
they covered their children’s eyes
in the selfsame gesture caught of a mother in the camps
giving the only mercy she could offer to her child.

While Chamberlain waved his treaty
proclaiming “Peace in our time,”
a false prophet reconciling with an unrepentant dictator.
And a national church profaned the name of God
by blessing a despot.

Til our fathers, and fathers around the world
left homes and wives and children
some never to return
and a Confessing Church put life and blood on the line
proclaiming that this would not stand.

“They’re not like us at all, at all
so very, very different.
These Muslims, gays and Mexicans.
They sneak into our country, taking jobs from real Americans.
Our enemies do not fear us, they all desire to hurt us
we must make America great again.”

So we put our hands over our own eyes
so that we will not see the ghosts of the internment camps.
We plug our ears so that we will not hear the ghost voice of McCarthy
whispering in the words that promise political witch hunts again.

While a church calls for unity and reconciliation
with an unrepentant demagogue.
There will be no peace in our time.
We have no one but ourselves to blame.
We cannot even use Santayana as excuse
for we know our history
and have chosen it’s mistakes in the face of the sacrifices of our parents.

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