Some small quiet words by Catherine Smith

Catherine Smith sent this poem to share … what she calls some small quiet words in the wake of the United States presidential election, but appropriate for all situations. She writes,

“These are words I posted yesterday on my blog with one or two words changed. It seems that a thousand, thousand gentle words are needed to stir into the roiling rhetoric. Though they are from Canada, they are not meant to be just ‘Canadian’ words but universal.”

Today we tie bright ribbons in the shadows of our hearts
so hope can find a way.

We scatter tiny folded cranes of peace
Each crease hard won.

We are not heedless of the tremors of the world
Not unafraid,
Not free of anger.

But we are a thousand, thousand hosts,
compassion on the lintel.

The neighbour
may go freely through our doors.

Whatever happens
Light has touched the frost-tipped fields today;
we are at home.

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1 Response to Some small quiet words by Catherine Smith

  1. dabar96 says:

    “Tying and folding, amidst the fear and anger.” Let this be the place, O God, where “neighbor, frost, and light” are welcome and found. Amen.

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