Prayers for Transgender Awareness Week

God, my life is tossed like a storm
and this frail fishing boat, my body,
does not steer by the compass in my brain.
It seems you are asleep and do not care
whether I drown under waves of depression and despair,
or crash on the rocks of intolerance and bigotry.

Savior – wake up and control this storm.
As you did so long ago in Galilee, say,
“peace be still.” Amen (Mark 4:35-41)

God, we are people of the rib.
We are your transgender children
who know male and female –
both are sides of your glorious image.

We experienced life as deep sleep
until you came to us,
until you brought re-definition
out of us – flesh of our flesh.

The tearing out of a rib hurts.
We hurt. But we also bloom –
with a garden-full of blessing
and the joy of naming ourselves. (Gen 1,2)

Prayer for those who have died – Transgender Day of Remembrance,
November 20

God, we acknowledge at this time of remembrance
that these were your children
[names of those who have died this year]
who experienced in their lives
the simple joys and sorrows of living,
who were called forth like Lazarus,
who were born again like Nicodemus,
who were a new creation.

We weep that they also experienced
alienation, intolerance, persecution, betrayal,
that they were killed
for being faithful to the life you gave them.

Now they have come to the resurrection
beyond division, anguish, suffering or pain.
Now they are like angels of God.
These beautiful human bodies,
like seeds, have fallen to the ground
and are raised up as spiritual bodies –
imperishable and immortal.

We claim this great mystery in their name. Amen.

Prayer for a Trans-Welcoming Church

God, teach us to be a trans-welcoming church.
Help us welcome new women and new men,
setting aside the great barriers
and the hidden insider-rules.
Help us make smooth the rough places –
especially gender divided restrooms,
activities, liturgies, clubs and traditions.
Help us to listen to stories of violation,
watch for dangers to our neighbors,
advocate for justice.

Bless our attempt to open our hearts and our church,
and bless each person who will experience hospitality –
not our hospitality,
but the hospitality of Jesus Christ,
who enters the joy and fragility of human bodies
through the wonder of the Incarnation. amen.

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2 Responses to Prayers for Transgender Awareness Week

  1. Great poems. And a topic we are all learning a bit more about all the time. I admire, and also feel compassion for, the trans people I have met, and I have learned a lot from their stories. I would, however, like them to choose a pronoun that is not plural, because it is weird to use plurals for one person. And in my understanding, for all their complexity, they are one person. And some are fine with, even prefer, the pronoun of their trans self. So complex, and getting more so, all the things we need to know to be welcoming.

  2. Maren says:

    True Nancy, there are as many different positions on self-terminology as there are folks claiming them. Since we are now using “they” in its older English sense as a pronoun of unknown gender or a chosen pronoun, it isn’t even about multiple lifetime experiences of gender. It is wonderful that people are now comfortably saying what pronoun they prefer — it makes life a lot simpler!

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