Advent gifts, from Aoteraroa

I begin Advent with gifts from Aotearoa – two of Heather Kelly’s Advent poems from Aotearoa and a photograph of the springtime there sent to me by Richard and Margaret Clayton.

Consider the Sparrow

Consider the sparrow, naked at birth;
not unlike the baby who was wrapped in rags.

Consider the sparrow – its small, compact body,
not unlike the body of a baby child.

Consider the sparrow, vulnerable to predators;
much the same as a baby was vulnerable to those who sought to kill him.

Consider the sparrow, we are told that each one is precious to God,
just as we – each one – are precious to God.

Consider the sparrow, eternally hopeful in its search for food;
a reminder that a baby was born to give us eternal hope!

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

Pondering Christmas

The consumerism begins in October,
increasingly rushed, harassed people – retail assistants and purchasers alike.
Unrelenting traffic, road rage.
End of year functions, parties – once the domain of children with jelly and ice cream,
now an excuse for excesses – food and drugs of choice.

What is the reason for this craziness?
It is a Christian festival; but where is God?

God is love.
Love is the reason.

Love is patient, Love is kind, Love is simple.
Christmas with patience, kindness, simplicity.
Now there’s a thought – radical!

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2 Responses to Advent gifts, from Aoteraroa

  1. Nathaniel C. Emens says:

    I remember as a youngster that we all went to Grandmother’s House on Christmas Eve. After
    supper all the kids got into our Uncle’s auto, so that we could see all the Christmas Lights. We
    had no fear of being hit by a car and just loved seeing all the decorations. Lo and behold when
    we got back to grandmother’s house, Santa had already arrived. All the old relatives smiled as
    we came and watched us as we opened our presents. It was a joyful time as we celebrated
    the Birth of Jesus. Back then, 80 years ago, we had no fears. Nat

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