“My theme for Advent this year is … listen”

Arlene Drennan of Iowa wrote to me and said this — “My theme for Advent this year is … listen” Read below her opening words which can be shared by a single voice, by two voices (each starting with alternating “listens” or responsively with a congregation. mexicojoel-eli-padron

Simultaneously on the Red Create website, there was an invitation to “look” from Joel Eli Padron Ibanez of Mexico … particularly to see Advent wreaths anew.  “Una idea para armar una corono de Adviento. Hay muchas comunidades de fe que tienen esta tradición y es bueno conocer las alternativas que hay, ideas nuevas y originales.” Here is the wreath from his church.

Together then — listen and look.

As the soldier’s voice peals through the village
Return to your father’s city. You must be counted
As Jesus shares the news with Mary
And gentleness surrounds his voice
As Mary’s mother holds her sobs and
Tells Mary where to find a midwife
As Joseph hugs his father and they
Exchange words of courage and concern
As Mary is gently raised to the blanket on the donkey
And Joseph nudges the animal to begin an epic journey
As the small caravan shuffles in the ancient soil
As they men share stories and the women share concerns
As the group enters the city
And the newlyweds are left, overwhelmed, and soon to be parents
As Joseph pleads with inn keepers for a space
As Mary holds her belly and says, “Soon little one, soon.”
As Mary’s voice changes to groaning
As she births the King of the World
As Joseph sobs and the animals exhale in relief
As joy fills Mary’s tears and her heart locks this moment away
As the shepherds and the angels sing of the birth
As the infant king begins his rule
To the breath of life
That saved the world

venezuelaAn advent calendar from Venezuela submitted by Obed Juan Vizcaíno Nájera.


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2 Responses to “My theme for Advent this year is … listen”

  1. darla ledger says:

    Love this! Please share that I deeply appreciate the liturgical resources as it helps when I am feeling spiritually dry and offers a plethora of “voices” to our congregation which stretches us beyond the familiar (and comfortable), Thank you, Arlene, and thank you, Maren, for the site and encouragement/inspiration to create.

  2. Maren says:

    Thank you, Dee, for faithfully reading and for contributing when you have a gift to share!!

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