Isaiah 40 for World AIDS Day, 2016

Comfort, O comfort my peopleimage-for-world-aids-day
who are HIV positive
speak tenderly
to those who live with AIDS
and say that the work of healing
is not for one day,
and is not bound by gender, age,
race, class, drug-use status,
orientation, country.

Let all of our voices cry out –
prepare the self-testing
the World Health Organization offers
in every wilderness,
especially where it is still illegal,
and make straight the path to
antiretroviral therapy,
without taking the money
from prevention.

For every teenager and elder,
every transgender person
and receiver of transfusions,
every sex worker
and person in the criminal justice system
shall have comprehensive access,
and every orphan and partner
experience love,
the uneven ground of bigotry and fear
and the tectonic failures
of governments and faiths
shall become level
throughout all the world –

and leadership and commitment
shall have an impact
that is plain to everyone –
research plain, education plain,
financial support plain.

For the hope of God’s children
shall be an advent 
of wellness in pandemic,
and all people shall see it together.

* The theme for 2016 is Leadership, Commitment and Impact

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2 Responses to Isaiah 40 for World AIDS Day, 2016

  1. Thank you Maren for touching our hearts and rekindling the hopes of many people.

  2. Maren says:

    And thank you, cleo, for the work that you do among so many people.

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