Fantastic Angels and Where to Find Them (slight spoiler alert)

Fantastic Angels and Where to Find Them

knocking on Mary’s door,
in dreams of
trust-her or get-out-of-here
rehearsing heaven
and world peace over Bethlehem fields,

and fitting into anyone’s suitcase,
however small it looks on the outside —
because we all
take them where they need to go
and take them where
we will need to have them.

And one of them is sure
to love this holiday shiny stuff,
and one can pick the locks
on things that are
keeping us from being free,

and when our true hearts
are so obscured
by negative words all around us
that we suppress our own holy gifts,

there is a fantastic angel
to fly high enough to rain a forgetting
that puts things back together,
and smell sweet
as a bakery
of Christmas morning treats.

Could be said by most of us clergy …

Jacob Kowalski: I’m sure people like you, too.fantastic-beasts
Newt Scamander: No, not really. I’m annoying.

As I continue hunting for the amazing words of others to open my Advent reality, I say thank you this week to J. K. Rowling who is a Charles Dickens of our day (my muse of last week)

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2 Responses to Fantastic Angels and Where to Find Them (slight spoiler alert)

  1. Lovely, Lovely. AND, the movie of Fantastical Beasts is fabulously good. Eddie Redmaine is magnificent in it. Rowling’s writing is perfection, and it feels like a Christmas film.

  2. Maren says:

    Isn’t it just wonderful!? I may have to go again.

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