Christmas is Ours Again and Christmas Halleluiah

I am so very pleased to be able to share a poem and a round by Philip Garside, a 1293122737gifted poet and musician (and publisher) from Aotearoa / New Zealand. I share his words of introduction to the pieces:

Read the poem aloud to feel the pace of the words. I have used it in worship and as a personal meditation.

Christmas is Ours Again

Soft fall tears of joy
Down the face of the father.
Smile now little boy
Warmed by your wondering mother.
Love, hope, peace, joy
Christmas is ours again.

Bright star, clear nights
Seen from far away.
Journey in faith, no room for doubt
Kings bow to majesty.
Love, hope, peace, joy
Christmas is ours again.

You, me, what do we say
Can an old story still move us?
Offer wise gifts with open hearts
Treasure the laughter and song.
Love, hope, peace, joy
Christmas is ours again.

Philip Garside, 2006

Here is the round:

Christmas Halleluia

Halleluia, Christmas is coming.
Oh, let us praise the Lord.
Sing halleluia, welcome the Christ child,
Bringing hope for a peaceful world.

It can be sung in two or four parts, and works fine unaccompanied. Each successive part starts, when the previous part’s singers reach the asterisks marked above the stave, i.e. 2 bars apart. I suggest that each part sings the 8 bars 4 times through. The tune does not resolve in the last bar. For me this symbolises that the work of the Christmas message never ends.


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