Two Christmas poems from Heather Kelly

Heather Kelly of Aotearoa / New Zealand sends these poems to share.

Paua Shell Christmas.

I wish you a Paua Shell Christmas……

Refreshment of the greens of the forest;
Renewal of the blues of the ocean;
Energising of the purples of the sunrise and
Nurture of the pinks of the sunset.

The shell surrounds the vulnerable paua.
You, in your humanity, are vulnerable.
May you in the refreshment, renewal, energising and nurture
Know the surrounding Spirit of God this Christmas!

(You may know Paua as abalone.)

Paua shell

Heather writes this, “I would like to share this following as a sense of loss is often keen in this season.”

Christmas Eve

I want Robbie. I need Robbie.
I need to be sitting with him wrapping gifts
and putting them under our beautifully decorated tree
in our living room.
Eating together, drinking from our glasses.

Instead I am trapped in room 29
with bears (our bears though) for companions.
I do’nt think anyone collected the mail (I think it is a Friday)
so there is nothing to distract me from my situation.

I really need to know that someone, somewhere, cares.
I have been told that Robbie still knows, still cares, still loves.
That he is just in the next room.

Robbie, I love you
more than the written word can tell.

By way of explanation – my husband, Robbie, died unexpectedly one Friday evening. Within hours I was being cared for in a residential home. Within weeks I had been assessed as needing full time residential care. This was written in the 2nd year after Robbie died. My grief remains very real today in the 7th year of widowhood. Heather


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2 Responses to Two Christmas poems from Heather Kelly

  1. dabar96 says:

    “… someone, somewhere…”
    It is the longing of love; the longing of life. Come, Lord Jesus!


    Hi: I have great difficulty in knowing what to say about your loss. My late wife, Kaye, died at the age of 89 and I am still very sad. But

    at the time, I realized that we had a great long time together. Your case appears to be much more serious than mine. It sounds like it was never anticipated. Thus, I will pray that some way you will be able to get relief and hope. God bless you, Nat


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