New Year’s Eve

Pink dawn fingers the grey bark
on the maple trees
along the frost-heaved stone wall.

I see it through the kitchen window.
Next to the window hangs
a calendar already turned to January,
although we haven’t yet lived
the last day of the old year.

(So eager we are to be done with it.)

The calendar boasts a picture
of a hunting beagle
Our beagle is sleeping on the sofa
also a picture … of entitlement.

In the frame of the window
beyond the trees
but not yet touched by light,
I see the parked truck of our neighbor
who nearly died last winter
of heart disease.

Old wall, old sun
new page –
we have them every day.

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2 Responses to New Year’s Eve

  1. Nathaniel C. Emens says:

    Dear Maren: I was born in 1927 and lived through the Great Depression and all the Wars since.
    Now, I am a big advocate for the Palestinians, but how should I show it? In my life time, I have
    met some extraordinary people from whom I have learned a lot. Plus, I have been to the Holy
    Land when I was 68 and again when I was 85. I met a good Palestinian, Arab, Christian from
    whom I learned more about Jesus. My hunch is that his ancestors received the Holy Spirit
    when everyone gathered around when Peter was speaking. Just the other day I saw on
    PBS an interview of an old Jewish gentleman who has written a book entitled, “Judas” in which
    he advocates the Two State Solution. I have ordered the book, but it will not be available
    until the end of January. Best wishes, Naat

  2. Maren says:

    You show it Nat by your posts here, by your conversations and your reading, by naming a position that will be unpopular ding the next dangerous administration.

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