January, at Epiphany

I return to the double empty house
where each foot on a stair
echoes the absence
of the laughter of visitors.

After the thin sweeping of pine needles
a great deep snow
would be welcome
to settle things ¬–
the roof, the restless dog.

The airplane writes its good-bye
in white exhaustion.

A dull ache between the eyes
is not crying,
because nothing is really sad.
I can still taste
the last Christmas carol.

For myself and for other  friends who are deeply experiencing “double empty” houses.

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4 Responses to January, at Epiphany

  1. Stephen Price says:

    Yes! Thank you.

  2. Mark Rideout says:

    Oh, Maren, over the days of Advent angst and Nativity notions, your on point insights of heart, and wider sharing from so many whose creative spirit you share continues to be a gift to all travelers who today, come face to face with a world of reality and thankfully, do so in the brightness and challenge of a hope whose threads draw so many to risk for kindness, justice and relationship. Thank you for your gifting of self!

  3. Maren says:

    Thank you so much, Mark. With my retirement in process, it has been harder this season than usual to keep up and I am so glad my thoughts have touched you. surely you would like to send me some song lyrics to share by sending to giftsinopenhands@gmail.com. I am so often looking for something to share!

  4. Yes, I can still taste the last Christmas Carol too and it taste so good! Thanks Maren.

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