Update on Roofs for the Roofless

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I wanted to send out an update from Roofs for the Roofless whose work I shared last week. Please keep them in prayer as they deal with physical and political storms.

Dear Friends,

On 12 December2016 cyclonic storm ‘Vardah’ smashed its way through Chennai and surrounding areas with powerful winds raging at speeds of over 140Km per hour! The people of Chennai still traumatised by the floods of December 2015 watched terrified as strong winds brought down thousands of trees, electrical poles, mobile phone towers, defaced high rise buildings, smashed cars and brought the city and its surrounds to a standstill. Mercifully, there was less flooding and the loss of life was estimated to be 10 people compared to the over 300 lost during the Chennai floods of 2015.

I have attached photos of the damage to the Roofs for the Roofless buildings. They give some idea of the problem we face. The uprooted trees not only damaged the buildings but broke both underground and overhead power lines and water pipes. There are photos of the clean being started. Our Manager, Mr. Emmanuel has been organising this herculean task of restoration. The students from The Dr. Chandran Devanesen Rural Community College once again have come out to help bringing their usual cheerful presence to the work teams.

The passing away of Tamil Nadu’s powerful Chief Minister on 5 December 2016, and the demonetisation just introduced by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi added to the difficulties of the enormous task of restoration. Further, Roofs like hundreds of other NGO’s has not been able to receive any funds from overseas supporters for the last few months. ( We are hoping that this will be lifted by January 2017).

The wonderful good news is that all Roofs projects have been re started! The Rural College students are back to regular classes, the Ron Cooke Balwadi (Creche) program and The Heather Hamlin Aged Care Day Centre with their important mid day meals have recommenced!

The Board of Directors of Roofs is supportive and most appreciative of the outstanding work carried out by Emmanuel in getting all the projects up and running after attending to essential cleaning up and repairs.

Please continue to uphold us in prayer and goodwill. Roofs is most grateful to its friends and supporters. God Bless Dayalan Devanesen, Director

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