Prayers in a season of disasters

Today I pray for Albany, Georgia,
where a mobile home is tossed into the woods,

for Mississippi, Texas and Florida,
where long track tornados
blow grief and loss,
Auckland, New Zealand,
paralyzed by summer snow,
Rigagiorno, Italy,
where avalanche workers
dig out puppies
and hope for human survivors,
the Sierra Nevadas
under ten feet of snow,
and the floods and mudslides
of Santa Barbara County.

Teach me to pray every day,
story by story,
for those who face such disaster,
when it is not near me,

calling on God –
who does not toss trailers,

to give strength and courage
to emergency crews,
sheriffs’ deputies and neighbors,
to those who hand out food
and teddy bears,
passers by who jump into the water
a minute before a car
is washed away by the flood,

and those who call out
that we are the makers of wilderness
of a climate change,

that will wash us all away
if we do not listen
to our neighbors’ weepings.

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