A Valentine’s Message by LL Kroouze DuBreuil

LL Kroouze DuBreuil shared this meditation when handing out hearts with the safety pins so many of us wear to quietly name that we are safe people for those who may feel vulnerable because of race, faith, ethnicity, gender identity or sexual orientation.


There Is No Such Thing as a “Safe Heart”

When I was a teen, my heart was broken for the first time. No, not by some unrequited crush, but when my beloved cat died. I wept bitterly and was inconsolable for some time.
Friends gave me advice, simple advice: If it hurts so much to lose a cat, don’t get another cat! A few weeks later I went to my uncle’s barn, saw a sweet ginger kitten, and fell in love again. Turns out that the balm for a broken heart is to open it again to love. There is no such thing as a safe heart. Taking a chance and loving leads to a pain in my heart. Lesson learned. But loving with all my heart is worth it. Better lesson learned.

God opens God’s heart and loves us. We have broken that sacred heart time and time again. Yet God renews love for us time and time again. Even when we nailed God’s love to a cross, we were loved. Even when we turned away people seeking refuge, we were loved. Even when we idolize the profane and reject the sacred, we are loved.

I have loved too well and too foolishly. I have given my heart only to have it given back pierced and torn. I have loved and lost. Yet I choose to love again. I choose to love even when there is no such thing as a “safe heart.”


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2 Responses to A Valentine’s Message by LL Kroouze DuBreuil

  1. LL says:

    Humbled . . .

  2. Maren says:

    Wanting to share even more of your wonderful writing.

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