The depth of love

Larry Trent has shared this poem written by. Yosimar Reyes, a graduate of San Francisco State Univ. in creative writing and a person without documents for legal citizenship in the United States. I asked Larry whether it was safe to post this blog with that information and he replied, “Yes you can say he is undocumented. He is undocumented and unafraid.”

Mami prays for me every night
That god might change the hearts and minds
Of people that hate me
Because I was born in a skin
A country
A place
They in their own paranoia
Have deemed developing
Mami prays that besides all adversities
I will triumph
I want to tell Mami
That she is my god
For she has taught me about
All that the human spirit can endure
She has taught me
That law after law
Heartbreak after heartbreak
I can still laugh
I can still love
I can remain human
Mami prays for me
So this country could love me
But who needs a country
When all the home I need is her.



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5 Responses to The depth of love

  1. Larry Trent says:

    Although I have already read this poem a dozen times before I shared it, when I read it here this morning under the banner, “The depth of love” , it brought tears to my eyes. Yosimar is only one of thousands of young folks brought to the US as a child and now living with DACA. DACA has allowed them to live and go to university without fear of deportation . Thanks for sharing.

  2. Maren says:

    I hope that you will continue to invite some of these young folks to see this place as one where they can share their words — beautiful poems, simple stories so that they can be heard.

  3. Jane Fisler Hoffman says:

    Thank you all for this, for poets courage and heart especially….

  4. dabar96 says:

    Thank you all for sharing this. It is heartening in more ways than one.

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