Walls or Hugs — A message to the United States from Argentina

A poem for the United States posted originally in Red Crearte by Gerardo Oberman. It makes me weep. It also makes me hope.This is a new translation by Muftiah Martin Kimiti.

Walls or hugs

Build your wall.
We will climb over it
and embrace you like a brother, like a sister.

Dig your moat.
We will cross somehow
and share with you our bread and our wine.

Lock yourself inside your little world of privileges.
We will open the bars and we will teach you the happiness that generates coexistence.

Widen the crack.
We will learn to build bridges and speak to you of diversity.

Get drunk on your fears.
We will not drink from that cup, but from one which overflows with solidarity.

Drug yourself with more consumerism.
Perhaps someday you will discover that mere accumulation is not sufficient to achieve abundance.

Justify yourself in your religion.
We will invite you to sing songs of encounter, of freedom, of life, of justice, of peace.

Build a temple for your exclusive faith.
And we will tell you of the God of Jesus, of open paths and broad horizons.

Spit your xenophobic venom.
We will continue to believe in the richness of colors and nuances.

Build your wall.
Use your power, your strength, your money.
Make transparent your rancor, your fears, your soul empty of compassion.
Make evident your intentions of a world for few people.

Your hate won’t transform us,
We will not justify your violence,
We will not make your speech ours,
We will not return insult for insult,
We will not become like you…

Build your wall.
One, two, three. As many as you want.
And we will climb those walls, all the walls, every wall.
Over and over again.
And we will come to meet you and embrace you.
We will look for cracks and will persist in sowing in them
seeds of love and tenderness,
those able to make new worlds bloom,
where there is room for all of us.Gerardo Carlos C. Oberman, 2017

La Crearte Network is an open, ecumenical, independent and non-profit space, born in 2004 based on the concerns of a distinguished group of people with extensive experience and experience in the subject. It contributes to the creation and socialization of contextual liturgical and musical resources from a Latin American and ecumenical perspective. It also offers advice, training and accompaniment to churches and ecumenical organizations in the world.

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4 Responses to Walls or Hugs — A message to the United States from Argentina

  1. Penny Stokes says:

    This is incredibly powerful, Maren. Do you mind if I re-post ?

  2. Mary Harris says:

    Thank you so much. Where did you get your inspiration?

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