A Prayer for the Oroville Dam

and people I love who never knew there could be such cracks220px-orovilledam

When the rains come
after the long drought and the emptiness
of reservoirs,
may the walls hold,
may the spillways tame the floods,
may those who welcome
the evacuees do so like the wedding-givers
of Leotta and Henry
at the Placer County fairgrounds
on valentine’s day,
and may there be a returning home.

Whatever the crisis– cancer
or grief, the too early birth of a child,
a diagnosis of dementia,
the flight of refugees from the drones of war,
or the immigrant from ICE,
the loss of a job or a house,
a friendship or sobriety.

Whatever the crisis —
a college rejection
or a diamond ring unwanted,
being bullied,
or your child being bullied,
rape or blaming the survivor,
narcan too late,
or simply
the loneliness of the ninth decade.

When the rains come
may somebody
find you a wedding gown and a suit,
and people work all night long,
to lower the water levels
and save the life you have
on your own Feather River.


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4 Responses to A Prayer for the Oroville Dam

  1. Stephen Price says:

    I am so grateful for the way you see the world; for the way you remind us that there are opportunities to be Grace and cracks that need to be noticed in the day to day. Thank you for your vision.

  2. Maren says:

    Thanks Stephen and, when my words grow too sweet — I know you will toss in the vinegar, precious vinegar.

  3. Thanks. And if only the President, whom Oroville voted for, in his long rambling speech yesterday had even mentioned them, had even cared about them.

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