Evening prayer for Lent

Katherine Burgess, of Quebec City, Canada, wrote this prayer in February and I asked to publish it as an evening prayer for Lent. You may want to pray it tonight as we move into Lent or tomorrow evening after Ash Wednesday is quieting your heart toward the journey ahead or as I will, each night of this Lent 2017.

She writes: ” Tonight, a blessing for us before we sleep, based somewhat loosely on the Beatitudes.”

I bless the emptiness in our hearts
Because that leaves a space for God to enter in
I bless the things in us that touch other people gently
Because gentleness is the way to reach another
I bless the sadness that sometimes overwhelms us
Because that will lead others to comfort us
I bless our yearning for the truth
Because it can be satisfied in Jesus Christ
I bless the mercy and forgiveness that we show others
Because it reflects God’s mercy and forgiveness
That is extended to us every single day
I bless the childlike purity in all of our hearts
For we must become like little children
To see the face of God
I bless you when you are a peacemaker
And grant you God’s peace which passes all understanding
I bless you in a time of persecution
For Jesus was himself persecuted
And you will be with him in the kingdom of heaven
I bless us with a good sleep
And a peaceful rest
So that tomorrow
We can continue
With God’s work

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3 Responses to Evening prayer for Lent

  1. Thank you I will make use of these words this Lent

  2. Beautiful. I’ll be reposting on Facebook.

  3. Maren says:

    Thank you Jeffrey.

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