Prayers of Illumination for Lent

None of the churches I have served have used a prayer before the scripture reading – a prayer of illumination and so this Lent I will write these each day – feeling my way into what it is to pray for understanding, for hope, for challenge in old, old words, translated again and again. these will be daily posts but there will be other more “normal” posts as well.

March 1, prayer before scripture – Ash Wednesday

God, I turn into ashes
all my preconceptions about this scripture,
all my safe, familiar interpretations.
Burn me with its newness.
Let it rise like the phoenix
with bright wide winged words. Amen.

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3 Responses to Prayers of Illumination for Lent

  1. Stephen Price says:

    Oh, I LIKE this. Thank you so much. Letting scripture (especially the very familiar) burn with newness …

  2. Marge Dahle says:

    So very pleased to see this. Thank you.

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