Do I Have Time For Lent? (guest post)

Stephen Price blogging at UncommonBaptist Pastor (go here) offered this as an Ash Wednesday reflection, but, for me, it is about the long haul. Lent? Actually, longer than that!!!

The world is crumbling around us
there’s a crazy man in the White House.
And not for the first time either.
The water is poisoned
the arms race is growing
Racism is now flagrant
mocking all the progress
we thought that we had made.

And you want me
to dab dirt on my forehead
and commit to being still
really still, you say
for at least five minutes a day?
for How long?

the great corrective
for “And I alone can fix it.”
Reminding me that I am dust;
fault ridden

Slowing down,
perhaps the antidote to
maniac attempts
to prove how correct I am,
how necessary,
how irreplaceable.
Is it possible
that in that humbler, slower state
I might find
some small good that I can actually do
and some connection
to a Will greater than my own?

Lent cannot come too soon.

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2 Responses to Do I Have Time For Lent? (guest post)

  1. Stephen Price says:

    That awareness; that the journey is so long, and I/we are dust, mortal, a breath on the wind; can be crippling without the trust that we are part of a bigger story….And one that we’re not in control of. The older I get, the greater comfort I find in that.

  2. Maren says:

    And there are so many unlikely companions upon the journey.

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