Prayer before very familiar scripture

Prayers of Illumination for Lent
None of the churches I have served have used a prayer before the scripture reading – a prayer of illumination and so this Lent I will write these each day – feeling my way into what it is to pray for understanding, for hope, for challenge in old, old words, translated again and again.

God help us listen, listen, listen.
so that this scripture
will not be worship wallpaper
but wonder, wisdom
wake-up call, and hard work.

In the beginning was the …
green pastures … laid him in a manger …
greatest of these is … blessed are the …
bush was not consumed …
peace be still … be still and know …

In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was surprising. Amen

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5 Responses to Prayer before very familiar scripture

  1. I LOVE this! And look forward to more of these.

  2. Maren says:

    Thanks. It will be an interesting journey.

  3. ahuntca says:

    Thanks! a lovely prayer not just to bring to the reading of a beloved and/or scripture, but perhaps to the reading of all that is before us… to remind us that the Word we are looking forward to finding/seeing/hearing always springs forth with a freshness and vitality that is immediately recognized by the heart as intended for us as good news. And all the rest is just chatter of the day. Blessings!

  4. Maren says:

    What a wonderful summing up of what is true! Thank you.

  5. mbmankin says:

    This is wonderful! Thank you.

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