Prayer before uncomfortable scripture

God, many of us are uncomfortable
reading and listening to this scripture.
It has been used as a weapon
against us or someone we love.
It has portrayed you
as unjust, exclusivist,
filled with hate, demanding fear.
It has been interpreted as a verdict
or entrance exam to heaven.

Someone wrote it; some time called it forth;
and some slave, woman, jew, queer,
person of another faith or no faith
fell under its blow.

Womb-knitter of us all,
hand us the text this morning,
not as an open carry,
but as one of your tangled balls of yarn.

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3 Responses to Prayer before uncomfortable scripture

  1. zazenbps says:

    Love this. (Psalm 139 is my favorite, particularly because I am a knitter! v13) Scripture should bring people together, yet often it is used to divide “us” from “them,” forgetting that we are all God’s family.

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