Lenten Desert Prayer (guest post)

Becky Crane sends this prayer for all of us. She writes this: I share this Lenten prayer that came to me as I prepared my reflection for our outdoor congregation. The name of our community is Cathedral of the Beloved: an outdoor community founded in the radical tradition of Jesus, creating a space where people can come to know the joy and freedom of being God’s beloved. We are located in Pittsfield, MA. My time with this congregation continues to open my eyes to the importance of seeing and learning from those on the margins.

O Holy One,
As we live our lives, we all find ourselves in the desert at times
Some of us remain here for longer periods of time than others
Some of us face harsher conditions than others

This Lent,

If we find ourselves in the desert,
May we seek signs of God’s ever-present Love as we struggle against the elements
May we be on the lookout for the angels who would find us, that they may minister to us

If we find ourselves in other climates,
May we seek to know the experience of those who remain unsheltered and continue to be battered by
the storms of life
May we be on the lookout for them, that we may find ways to connect and minister to their needs

Bless us as we travel together and bear each other’s burdens


She writes this of herself: When Becky Crane is not busy as a clinical social worker or engaged in street ministry, she can be found in the woods looking for poems.



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