Prayer before scripture in an ordination service

(it’s my 36th anniversary of ordination)

Open our hearts to this text, O God,
for it is older than sermons,
brighter than stoles,
shorter than anthems and charges,
sweeter than cake,
and deeper than the wisdom
of churches and denominations.

It questions every one of us;
it lays hands on all of us;
it is the gift taken from this party-day
into the joys and sorrows
of the years to come.

Help us take our places,
loved, in the communion of saints,
because the bible told us so.

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9 Responses to Prayer before scripture in an ordination service

  1. Barbara VanAusdall says:

    Congratulations on 36 years of ordination, and sincere wishes for continued service. Your words and your work are such a blessing.

  2. says:

    Thank you Maren!!! My 50th ordination anniv Is June 11. Your words always possess a clarity and compelling Immediacy ~ thank you again!!!

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  3. Andrea Stoeckel says:

    Congratulations my dear

  4. fosteringyourfaith says:

    Blessings on your ordination anniversary! We are so grateful for your ministry!

  5. Blessings on this anniversary! It will be 34 for me this year! Savor and be thankful! I am! for you!

  6. Maren says:

    Thank you for the congratulations — it has been a truly wonderful and Spirit-filled time … and has passed so very quickly.

  7. Mark Rideout says:

    Ah, dear Maren, blessings of celebration on your ordination anniversary. The sharing which you have personally done, and which you’ve helped to weave by offering open hands to others, for others to share their gifts and graces is in itself, a empowering gift to me, and I believe, so many more! Walk on!

    • Maren says:

      Thank you, Mark. I have so enjoyed the wonderful places I have been able to do ministry that the years have flown and the pleasure in workshops and sharing others’ writing continues — I am so incredibly fortunate. And blessed with good friends!

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