St Patrick’s Day Blessing

May the road climb so precipitously
that you must slow down
to trudge up the hill of your challenges
but you will know what they are
and avoid the sneaky detours.

May the wind tornado
behind your back, all the way to Oz
where you will make alliances
with those you thought
were mindless, heartless or gutless,
because they are on your journey.

May your face shine on those around you,
showing your honest feelings,
even all the awkward ones.
and may your tears fall easy as rain,
and shamelessly open,
so that griefs, fears and frustrations
water your life
rather than turning to corrosive salt
on the inside of you.

And may you know now and always —
when we are close
and when we are distant,
whether we meet again,
or take very different roads,

God is already and always holding you
in the great and gentle palm of love.

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