Trump and coal

“Glad my Pa ran the general store,”
my own father said,
of growing up in coal mining country,

“meant I got to keep him longer,
meant I was expected to fill shelves
haul food to old ladies,
work nights at the railroad station,
not take my pail
down the shaft at fourteen.

“Killed them all, killed those boys
I grew up with.
Not a one of them hardly lived
to be a grandpa, like me.”

He was a labor man –
cared about jobs
and the living people could make,
and that it always starts
with living.

He said this, too, before he died,

“What those coal companies
do to the earth –
hell, it’s like sending everybody
down that stinking hole.”

(for Russ, crazy, boisterous, self-styled “pinko,” – he would have hated to see these days)

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4 Responses to Trump and coal

  1. Stephen Price says:

    I remember the couple of times I met Russ. We could use a few like him right now.

  2. Barbara VanAusdall says:

    My heart weeps for so many
    and so much these days,
    as my prayers continue,
    or begin again,
    for things we worked so hard to change
    or fix or overcome,
    addressing wrongs for those who couldn’t
    and even those who wouldn’t.
    Help us go on in your name, O Christ.

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