A prayer from a hymn– forgive me, Katherine Hankey

God, I do not love to tell some stories –

Jesus calling some mama’s child – a dog,
dissing Martha’s hospitality,
applauding a dishonest steward,

and certainly I don’t love the story
of withering a fig tree
because it was figless
in a season
when there should be no figs.

I have waited with too many people
through figless days,

not to speak of lending them some oil
when their lights went out,
and sending them home to bury
mom and dad,

promising every single time
there will be for them an old, old story
of Jesus and his love.

(this is my favorite hymn)

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2 Responses to A prayer from a hymn– forgive me, Katherine Hankey

  1. Elaine Gaetani says:

    Maren, awake in the middle of the night thinking and praying about holy week and the sermons to be preached………..thinking of the emptiness of Jesus………..Your post entered my mailbox! Indeed, there Are some stories that I would rather Not have to tell! God bless you my sister in the Faith!

  2. Maren says:

    Thank you, Elaine — there are so many that I do love to tell, of course. You are in my prayers for a nap today!

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