And Peter (guest post)

I posted yesterday about Peter’s denial of Jesus and Stephen Price offered the following comment:

And you’ve reminded me of my job to tell the congregation. That the 1st resurrection that day was Jesus’, but the second was Peter’s. That part of the good news about Jesus defeating Death is that the deaths in our lives can be overcome as well.

And he wrote this poem:

Go tell His disciples…
and Peter…
Peter, whose heart
choked to death on his shame
when he heard the rooster crow.

whose shame was public
like a politician caught
with an underaged hooker
the day after speaking at a Graham rally.

who had written himself out if the story,
found Jesus writing him back in.
The first resurrection that morning
was Jesus
but Jesus made sure
that the second resurrection
was Peter.

So I shouldn’t have to tell you,
but I will,
Just to make the point
like it was made that morning
that when Jesus says “tell them”
this morning
He means “tell them…and you”

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2 Responses to And Peter (guest post)

  1. Barbara VanAusdall says:

    Wow! How special to read both your works, Maren and Stephen, as Jack and I prepare to lead Tenebrae service tonight in word and song, reminding all of us of God’s grace in and around and through us as we anticipate Christ’s and our resurrection. Thank you and thank God for you as well.

  2. Maren says:

    I think that you and Stephen were a very good pairing for the book. Blessings on your service tonight.

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