Two post-Easter hymns — new words to familiar tunes

I Come to the Garden Alone
(I think you know the tune)
I come to the garden alone
to taste religion quite slowly –
but the risen hope has a broader scope
and I find the whole world ho-ly.

For the truth we face has a common grace –
Not a solo but a chorale –
and the love is wide that is multiplied
by a Savior who walks with us all.

The garden invites us to share
all our fear, doubt, failure, addiction,
and we still old shame when we speak its name,
and find new benediction. Refrain

The hymn of the garden’s still true
and its third verse send us to mission,
for it bids us go to each place of woe
and needs no new edi-tion. Refrain

Now the Peace of Easter
(Now the Green Blade Rises)
Now our words are spoken, now our trust is born.
Energies are rising – we prepare to learn.
We pass our peace and share our neighbors’ need
and the holy Gardener gives us shoot and seed.

Green comes up in churches – care for earth and air,
stewardship of resource — renewal and repair.
Damage is done that makes creation weep —
Easter opens graves of all that is buried deep.

Now the peace of Easter rests on each one here,
rising like the morning, falling like the tear.
Raised from the dead – Christ love for us is seen –
Easter comes again like wheat arising green.

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8 Responses to Two post-Easter hymns — new words to familiar tunes

  1. Stephen Price says:

    I never thought anyone could make me like “In The Garden,” but you just did. I love the new words.

  2. Maren says:

    Well, I am glad to do something new!!!

  3. ahuntca says:

    I’ve always loved In the Garden and I love these new words… thanks and blessings!

  4. Maren says:

    You are very welcome.

  5. Jane Fisler-Hoffman says:

    We used your words at our KC suburb church Sunday (after I sent to pastor!!) Thank you! Also another from you. I love the traditional “In the Garden” though I change “none other can ever know” to “all others can surely know”!!
    [post script: did you get my IM referencing the excellent book Psalms Redux by Carla Grosch-Miller? She is a fan of yours and I think you would be of hers…]

  6. Maren says:

    HI Jane,

    Glad you used this and no I did not get your IM (if recent I am on vacation with barely functional email only some days) Thank you so much I will look for it when I am back in the country.

  7. Beautiful! You put me right in the garden, singing and smelling God’s creation. Thank you Maren.

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