Eastertide in the Autumn — guest post from Aotearoa / New Zealand

I continue to follow the ongoing call of Eastertide by sharing this poem from Berverley Osborne of Stewart island.


It has been a grey weekend –
rain and fog, low temperatures,
nil-visibility and cancelled flights,
dank and dripping foliage on the trees.

And then, on Easter Sunday,
as I looked at yet more grey skies,
the cloud began to thin
and there was the blue!
The Autumn brown of wet beech leaves
flamed gold before my eyes.

May I remember that the blue
is ALWAYS there behind the grey.
The great Spirit of life-giving love
is ALWAYS there,
even when the heavy misery clouds
of war and terror, greed and abuse,
poverty, homelessness and hunger
try to conceal that awareness from our consciousness.

Remind me that your love is my life-spirit too.
May I clear away the irritations, the pre-occupations,
the resentments and pettinesses that cloud your light in me,
so that it is ONLY love that shines out
to awaken the sparkle of hopefulness,
the shine of happiness
and the glow of courage in those around me.

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