Photo Larry Brickner-Wood

I’m at the climate march,
in a League of Conservation Voters T-shirt,
holding a sign
someone needed to disperse,
in multiple copies
(there’s always a stack).

Mine says — “Rise, Build, Resist and Vote.”
I agree, but I look around
for something clever to stand beside.

Words matter, but I was traveling,
awake for twenty-four hours,
and I can’t be brief
without a good night’s sleep.
Long-winded poetry is the fruit of insomnia
(probably a pomegranate).

I like “There is no Planet B,” also
“Wade in the water, children,
Trump’s going to trouble the water
… and God is not pleased.”

There is “Mni Wiconi — water is life”
next to “We can’t drink oil”
and “Climate change is a hoax is a hoax,”
and several rude but true things
about the president’s veracity and IQ,

but I settle in next to a young woman
with a cardboard placard that says,
“Things are so bad –
even the introverts are here.”

We are here – singing old songs,
in our wheelchairs, strollers, sneakers,
one pair of Jimmy Choos (really) —
all of us, connected,
afraid and full of courage,

with our popcorn phrases
and pomegranatic poems broken open,
seedy with wet red hopes.

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5 Responses to Signs

  1. Jane Fisler-Hoffman says:

    thank you for being there and know that others like me are there with you in Spirit.

  2. Maren says:

    And thank you for that.

  3. ron habin says:

    Hey Marin,
    Thank you for going. I think you settled by the cleverest sign. You are, of course, clever. And sensitive. You rock. Ron Habin, Unity EarthCare Team Chair

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