Saying Good-bye to Blue

It’s what we called the unborn boy
all my daughter’s pregnancy –
Blue — short for “blueberry”
the size he was when they first knew
he was beginning to be.

And so we put into Blue
all the hopes and dreams
parents and grandparents have
for any child
and the world that will surround,
embrace, inspire, endanger,
their young lives.

We laughed at his kicking,
and counted carefully his weeks.
We wept at news of war
the unwelcome of strangers,
a destroying of earth
where he was meant to play.

We wondered whether he would be
an engineer or an artist,
a climber of trees
or a dreamer in the pages
of many books.

Or maybe all of those,
all together.

We guessed which great-great
grandfather’s chin would appear,
questioned whether he would
dance up and down eager
for the next moment
like his brother
or lie in the grass
and contemplate the stars.

And then he was born –
and we say good-bye to “Blue,”
bundle of hopes and imaginations,
and greet this particular child,
this Casey,
who will surprise us
almost every day we let him,
and, if we let him,
will change the world.

(for Casey Reed Mankin, born May 7, 2017)

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14 Responses to Saying Good-bye to Blue

  1. Congratulations to you both on your new born children – both wonderfully made for creating more laughter in the world. [I received my copy of ‘A Child Laughs’ today, thank you]

  2. Pam says:

    Congratulations Maren and family!

  3. Steffie Kyte says:

    Congratulations to your whole family ! I’m so happy to hear that Casey has arrived to change the world! He will surely change his parents’world, for the time being ! Love to all, Steffie

  4. Mark Rideout says:

    Welcome to Casey! Blessings to you and your family!

  5. dabar96 says:

    It takes great both courage and great love to bid farewell to our dreams and imaginings of someone when they arrive. May the path from Blue to Casey be filled with life for all of you who walk it with him.

  6. Cheryl Hoffman says:

    Thank you 🙂 And welcome to Casey!

    Cheryl Hoffman Centered Riding Instructor Level II 200 Hour Yoga Instructor, Ashtanga website:

  7. Nicolette Wellington says:

    Congratulations on this new life and all the possibilities it will bring,

    From winter to spring..


    Nicolette Wellington

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