Living Stones

I am so delighted to share the work of Marianne Musgrove of Adelaide, South Australia.

Living Stones

Inspired by images shared by members of
The Corner Uniting Church, Adelaide, South Australia.

We are
river stones
tumbled and polished, burnished
by living water

We are
unearthed fossils
by the warm breath of God

We are
stalagmite and stalactite
reaching out to one other –
God and Adam in the Sistine Chapel

We are
skimming stones
skipping over translucent water
fuelled by joy

We are
meteors blazing
trailing tails like wedding veils
eager to answer God’s call

We are
rough cut stones
hewn to form a highway
the master builder placing us just so

We are
stones and dust and clay
divine spark-animated –
created and loved by God

And with Jesus as our cornerstone
we’re built into a spiritual house.
We are stones
we are living stones.

– Marianne Musgrove

Learn more about Marianne at her website here. This is a brief bio:

Marianne Musgrove is an award-winning South Australian children’s author and worry workshop presenter. She is also a descendant of King Henry VIII’s librarian so you could say books are in her blood! She won the 2008 Australian Family Therapists’ Award for Children’s Literature for The Worry Tree, the 2011 Swiss Prix Chronos for Don’t Breathe a Word (German edition), and was short-listed for the 2013 Prime Minister’s Literary Awards for The Beginner’s Guide to Revenge. In 2016, she became a May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust fellow and a Max Fatchen fellow.

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4 Responses to Living Stones

  1. darla ledger says:

    Please share with Marianne that I love this and am planning to use on Pentecost as we will be having a “pebble” activity in worship that day… Thank you for this!!! And thank you to Marianne for this wonderful piece of writing!

  2. Maren says:

    Thank you, Dee and I will send it on to her, just in case she does not read here.

  3. marianne835 says:

    Thanks, Darla. That’s very exciting to hear! I’m really pleased to know this poem will be used in another congregation 🙂

  4. Lovely poem; thanks for sharing it,

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