For London, June 4, 2017

On London Bridge
there is falling down, falling down;
in Borough Market falling down
of lives and limbs and grieving.

But God has promised,
that no sparrow, no person,
no courage will fall to the ground
unknown, unloved,
even unsung by the soft voices
of tomorrow’s children.

So we build it up
with those who care,
those who hope, those who dare.
We build it up with unity
between all people.

Matthew 29: 10; seventeenth century rhyme

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2 Responses to For London, June 4, 2017

  1. Touchingly appropriate – it would be wonderful if Londoners of today and the children of tomorrow could sing those words with confidence (without threat of the last verse – that you avoid and the kids of my childhood embraced with joyful ignorance).

  2. Maren says:

    Oh, yes, indeed, though teh intervening verses — that one can’t build with wood and stone, iron and steel or gold and silver ring true.

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