Prayers for a young transgender person

A friend asked me to write these prayers — for an elementary school aged kid coming out as transgender, for that person’s parents and for the church.

For a young transgender person

Thank you, O God,
for knowing who I am inside and out,
and helping me understand myself.
Thank you, O God,
for surrounding me with people who love me
and are willing to listen to me.
Thank you, O God,
for transgender adults who led the way,
good friends, a welcoming church,
your confirmation of my identity,
and your companionship
for every easy step or rocky mile
of the journey of my life. Amen

For the parents of a young transgender person

God, who brings butterfly from chrysalis,
hyacinth from bulb,
resurrection from graves clothes —
tenderly open new life
for your child __________
that s/he may grown emotionally,
spiritually and physically
into the new creation you intend for him/her.

For us who love this child so deeply,
cushion any surprise, comfort any sorrow,
guide our responses to him/her,
inspire our explanations to others.
Help us distinguish between
honest inquiry
and curiosity or hostility.
Find us a little patience
and fill us with a lot of stubborn love.

We give you thanks for bringing
this courageous, beautiful,
beloved young person into our lives.

For a church

God, teach us to be a trans-welcoming church,
trusting that God knows the true person
even before we are born,
and sustains us in our journeys.

Bless our church’s attempt
to open hearts and doors
and become a safe place in risky times —
welcoming change, opening dialogue,
helping those younger or older
to ask questions with honesty and kindness,
show support with courtesy,
and apologize simply
for all the awkward moments.

Bless each person now and in days to come
who experiences hospitality –
not our hospitality,
but the hospitality of Jesus Christ,
who has blessed the fragility of the human body
through the wonder of the incarnation
and celebrated the possibility
of your children being born again. Amen.

Confession (church setting)

Forgive us, O God,
when we take a place in a grim lineage
all the way back to Jesus’ time
of religious people
who resent other people’s healing
when it doesn’t follow protocol,
call unclean what God has called clean,
judge with an eye-plank the size of a pew,
and erect a stumbling block
as big as jersey barrier
before your weary and heavy-laden children
who are trying to come to you. Amen

Assurance of Grace
The God of the gentle yoke invites us to come and lay down the burden of our prejudices and receive the rest of being welcome along with everyone else.

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3 Responses to Prayers for a young transgender person

  1. ahuntca says:

    thank you for these prayers! they are, as the young folks often say, awesome! Blessings! And thank you for bringing before us and the hearts of all the holy ones, your prayers that are often our as yet unformulated but heart-felt prayers as well.

  2. Maren says:

    You are very welcome — thank you for reading and sharing wherever and whenever it is appropriate.

  3. Kim Wood says:

    Thank you!

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