O God we pray for America

O God we pray for America
beautiful for spacious … schools
and hospitals and homes,
for amber and ebony, chalk and mahogany
waves of immigrants,
for purple grapes of California
where those without undocuments labor,
even for mountains of landfill along the highways
that carry the strange fruit
of Henry Ford,
and our longing to green and save
in national park and monument
in canyon and bears’ ears,
this heritage of land.

O God, we pray for America
beautiful for patriot’s dream … more
real in fragile feet of marches
than all the ugly tweets,

and beautiful for indigenous people
willing to let pilgrim descendents
stand with them
against the snake of pipeline,
and for those — first black and then,
only if they are willing, others –
who name the violence
of rogue police who kill not only people
but also community trust,

and beautiful for all the heroes
who fight fire, ride ambulance, guard coast,
and those in military service —
honored not just far away,
but cared for when they return.

O God, we pray for America,
wept and wished,
blessed and blessed again
only when it recognizes
everyone’s need for … spacious skies.

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5 Responses to O God we pray for America

  1. I will read this tomorrow afternoon at our women’s Fellowship meeting. After our AGM we are going to have a ‘Yankie Doodle Dandies’ time. I like to add depth to fellowship fun, thank you.

  2. Maren says:

    Thank you so much — it sounds wonderful to be a part of Yankee Doodle Dandies time in New Zealand!

  3. Elsa Marshall says:

    Thank you Maren. I will read this tomorrow morning as part of my daily prayers and devotion. I am loving retirement but do treasure such gifts as these! Missing you…Elsa Marshall

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