Warning Verse … climate warming humor

Two poems by Nancy Donovan who lives in seacoast New Hampshire. She makes us smile before we cry. (Of course, I am not sharing her environmental “suicide series”)

Future Plans … or
How to be a Winner in the Stock Market this Year

Invest before your neighbors.
Buy stocks in surgical masks.,
the kind they wear in China and India.
Air filters and air conditioners, too.
Soon even winter sales will be escalating.
Don’t forget the companies that make portable oxygen machines
The ones of wheels with tubes

The New Hampshire market will soon be booming.
Not every state can brag –
“We’re the tailpipe of the nation.”

Keep the coal fires burning
We’ll all be RICH!

Intelligent Crustaceans

“Come along, children
Your father says we have to move north again.”

“I don’t want to move again.
I like this rocky yard.
I haven’t finished molting yet
I’ll miss my friends.”

“Your friends are moving, too.
I’ve we don’t move soon,
your shell will turn red.

“What will make it do that?”

“Warm water.”


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