Riff on Matthew 25:14-30 and the Affordable Health Care Act

I am celebrating the failure
to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act
and it is not really a double negative.

It reminds me of a parable Jesus told
about a person delegating resources.
The person returns from a long journey
and applauds the one
who turned five talents into ten talents
and is disappointed in the one
who, given single talent,
gripped on to it so tightly,
it could never go forth
and bring any hope.

But between these choices,
in this parable that still makes us uneasy,

there was a legislature that was given
two political parties
who came back with a plan to care
for the sick and the hurting of this country.

It was just a four talent plan,
not perfect,
and it didn’t fix all the problems
and it didn’t make everyone happy,
but it works with what we have,
and it has saved lives.

This morning we still have it,
and there are many who will not be buried.

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