Improv on Matthew 13:52

Jesus] said to them,” Therefore every scribe who has been trained for the kindom of heaven is like the householder who brings out of the treasure what is pew and what is told.”

Put your hand on the pew,
any pew, anywhere.
Rub the old wood and think
about the pewing over the years.

Little kids have stood here –
small fingers pulling them up to see,
and old hands have reached back
to steady weak knees,
a pregnant woman squirmed
to get comfortable,
and someone with tired feet
was glad to get off them.

Folks squeezed in too tight
some wedding or Christmas Eve.
Some other pew looked so empty
the first Sunday
after someone was gone.

One spot had a person
who sat here only one time,
and lived differently because of it,
another’s still shiny
from the same pair of jeans
week after week, year after year.

Now take out your cell phone.
Get it out of your pocket.
Hold it in your hand.
Turn it on!
This isn’t a movie, it’s church –
last place you should be turned off.

Maybe someone will call –
tell them where you are.

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