Jacob’s Ladder in San Antonio

Genesis 28: 10-18

The day after the lectionary
I am reading the news,
reading that others
were on a dangerous and deadly journey,

like Jacob who was so tired
he ignored the predators all around him
and put his head on a stone
and slept.

We read his famous dream –
the ladder of angels,
God’s promise to stay with him,
whatever the cause of his journey,
no matter who buys and sells his labor,
and his waking up to realize
“surely God is in this place
and I didn’t know it.”

And God stayed with them, too,
in that Walmart parking lot.
With cracked lips
and thirsty to death,
God gathered those ten lives
who put their heads down
on the truck bed,
ran with those who ran,
waited with those who waited.

Surely God was in San Antonio,
on the pillow that was so very hard.
What was missing was you and me,
a ladder of compassion,
a ladder of hope,
the ladder of the angels.

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1 Response to Jacob’s Ladder in San Antonio

  1. Joyce Ray says:

    Tragic. Beautiful words.

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