Prayer for a “drug infested den”

God bless this Granite state,
White Mountain state,
state of lakes and seacoast,
this lollapalooza
of the first presidential primary,
this state our current president
calls a drug-infested den.

Some of us know little
or don’t even want to know
about the opioid epidemic,
while others of us are just trying
to stay clean and sober
one day at a time.

Some weep for friends and family,
while others are first responders,
police, therapists, pastors, educators,
or corrections and hospital staff
making a difference,
haunted by times we were too late.

Some work in recovery programs,
while others break our hearts
every time we read or watch the news
(pretty much like every other state).

Most of us have a negative stereotype
or misinformation about addiction,
though we may not share
our prejudice and ignorance
with leaders of other nations.

God, who never turns away from
demons of any kind,
bless us all and bless this leader
with healing of mind and heart
so that together we focus on helping,
not bad-mouthing,
those who need our love and care,
and work tirelessly for hope
that looks less like a wall
and more like an open door. Amen.

(For those of you who do not know, I live in New Hampshire, called by Donald Trump in the transcript of a phone call to the President of Mexico a “drug-infested den.” I speak thus from my neighborhood.)

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3 Responses to Prayer for a “drug infested den”

  1. dabar96 says:

    Lord, in your mercy…!

  2. Leanne says:

    Love this!

    Leanne M Tigert “Only that day dawn to which we are awake” Henry David Thoreau

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