Summer garden, my response to “Winter Frost”

The purple spikes of blazing star liatris
have drawn monarch butterflies

into the corner garden
of yellow and orange daylilies —
horns as wildly various in shape
as a jazz band —
and mums of burgundy and rust
tricked to early color by cool weather.

A dowager blue hydrangea,
we feared last year had died,
is heavy this summer with blooms,
and around her skirt waits,
immature, still green,
the riot of sedum
we will call autumn joy.

I pause, but like the monarchs
fighting for their lives
on the journey from life to death,
my stopping with beauty,
is not so much a stillness
as the tiny wing beats of hope,

and my prayers are for earth,
the vulnerable,
and all who are suspended now
in the midst of immigration.

Yesterday I published New Zealand poet Heather Kelly’s poem “Winter Frost” and invited readers to take the kind of intentional, God-infused look at beauty around them. This was my afternoon “pause.”

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3 Responses to Summer garden, my response to “Winter Frost”

  1. Nathaniel C. Emens says:

    Yes, there is beauty around us and that helps us deal with the problems around us.

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