For Guam, a reflection on Psalm 132

Originally posted to Flickr as Sunset on Guam
Yuki Yaginuma

God chooses Guam,
southernmost of the Marianas,
largest land in Micronesia.
between coral reef and Mount Lamlam,
the lightning mountain.
This is God’s resting place
where the tectonic plates clash,
the typhoons blow, the fish dance
and there is beauty
in the morning and the evening.

Here holiness resides,
where the Chamorro people dwell,
with respect for the past,
for traditional healing,
the stringed music of belembaotuyan,
the carving of canoes
that have cut the waves
for generations ¬ galaide.’

Guam with its lamp for the world
inafa’maolek — mutuality,
community, cooperation,
the sharing of all things,
for the land belongs to people
and that is a crown, a shout of joy.

We pray for God’s home, Guam
scarred by long years
of conquest, colonization,
fire and fury not of its choosing.
May there be a psalm of peace,
a passing by of the strutters of war,
a chenchule’ of hope.

The President of the United States Donald Trump has escalated tensions between the US and North Korea with threats. Most likely to fall into danger is the island Guam about which mainland Americans know little. I have spent today reading — tourist articles, Wikipedia, some history, just to know a tiny amount as an outsider of this place for which I am praying.Psalm 132 informed my words.

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