Yesterday hate showed itself
in Emancipation Park,
and all the world was weeping.
Today we will find so many places
to light our candles
and remind ourselves
of how much love and change
each one of us must bring

to all the tomorrows
in all the everywheres.

I tried to keep this poem simple
not fuel the anger,
but we have seen the image
of lynching by car.

My father was named for a slave,
a friend of his mother,
his baby brother was named Robert.

All white people,
all white people in this country
are mixed up,
and some are twisted.

We need to light our hearts –
candles are too easily blown out
before we go back to sleep.

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10 Responses to Charlottesville

  1. LL says:

    Weeping in Union NJ, but resolved to be the love that restores community.

  2. Nathaniel C. Emens says:

    I remember when I was young with my family when we were driving with my cousin in New York.
    The car broke down on the F.D.R. highway and an old car stopped behind us. Three black men
    pushed our car with their old car and as we were being pushed into a gas station for repairs a
    white man, all dressed up, walked deliberately in front of our car and I had to slam on the breaks.
    Then the three black men got out and lifted our car up so it could get into the gas station. I tried to give them money for their “good deed” and they refused to take any money. God bless those
    three men.

  3. powerful thank you….

  4. Julie Taylor Green says:

    Here are my middle of the night thoughts/prayers

    Immediately Charlottesville

    out, lash out
    violets to deflect
    Immediately I remember the possibilities
    abilities to move.
    I am moving to the eclipse
    darken, cloud hate
    too late?
    I am cirrus in the troposphere
    cumulative history
    grit to be immediately
    anxiously hoping

  5. Maren says:

    Lovely to hear from you!

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