Prayer for Spain

God, for those in Spain who mourn
friends and family, we pray.
For those who still in the hospital,
struggling for life, we pray.
For those bruised and hurting
and those who are so marked
by running and dodging
the sudden roar of fear in their lives
in Barcelona and Cambiis
they will never be the same, we pray.

And for others we pray.
We pray for small children who love
to play with trucks,
not yet thinking that these
are like the guns
their parents discourage.

We pray for tourists,
who treasure seeing the cities
of other nations and their own,
tasting new food,
listening to cadence of,
say … Catalan,
and seeing beautiful sites,
for some of these will decide
never to travel beyond
screens in their own safe houses.

We pray for walkers
of all ages, all countries, all faiths,
all histories of the heart,
holding hands or shopping a little
among friends and strangers.

They love to wander so many places
some like Las Ramblas,
and now wonder –
is this a street that makes
tomorrow’s sweet memories
or my Via Dolorosa? Amen

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