Prayer for Hurricane Harvey

God, you are never in the earthquake,
never in the fire,
and God, you are not in the winds
of Hurricane Harvey.

Yet God, we pray for your presence
in Corpus Christi and Gonzales,
in Galveston, Victoria, Port Mansfield,
in San Antonio and Houston,
and in any place we do not name yet
where the wind turns and floods rise.

God, be with those who airlift babies,
re-locate those in nursing home and hospital.
God, be with those who prepare shelters,
and those who wait to be called out
to find the unaware,
with FEMA with EMT’s, with police
and with those behind shutters.

God, be on the evacuation routes
of those who wait long,
on the ropes getting livestock to shelter,
in the hearts of those who hurry,
or are stiff with fear.
Also guide those who forecast the weather,
and some who stand with a microphone
or a camera to tell us what they see.

God be with those who have loved ones
in the path of the storm,
boats in the water, businesses on shore,
homes they love, dogs and cats lose,
trees planted and fields
new school clothes and now big boots.

God, be with all of us who pray,
with all of us already gathering aid. amen

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3 Responses to Prayer for Hurricane Harvey

  1. randykhammer says:

    Hey. I get prayer posts from a fellow Pilgrim Press author in New Hampshire several times a week. They are sometimes similar in spirit to your prayers 🙂


    Randy Sent from my iPhone


  2. Maren says:

    Funny thing about that!

  3. dabar96 says:

    Lord, on your mercy, hear our prayers!

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