Praise God for Namibia

Praise God for Namibia –
from Penguin Island to Windhoek,
from Skeleton Coast to the Kalahari.
Praise God for the Succulent Karoo and the Namib,
oldest desert in the world.

Praise God for the Damara people
and the San, Nama, Ovambo,
for the Oolam, Herero and Himba people,
for German and Chinese.

Praise God for a country
with the motto, “Unity, Liberty and Justice,”
unique in writing in protection
of natural resources to its constitution.
Praise God for ecotourism
and for farming and mining.
Praise God for free schools.

Weep for echoes of colonialism,
for income inequality
between urban and rural people,
for the memory of the Namibian genocide,
for struggles with blood pressure diseases,
diabetes, HIV AIDS, water access, sanitation.

Praise God for Gazza’s music,
for Christi Warner’s performance poetry,
for Emma Tuahepa’s HIV activism,
to Muafangelo’s art, Joseph Diescho’s novel.
Praise God for the faithful —
so many Lutherans,
also Methodists, Roman Catholics,
some Latter Day Saints, Muslims,
African Methodist Episcopal,
Dutch Reformed and Jews.

Praise God for this beautiful land,
which is not Gambia or Zambia,
which is not Botswana or Zimbabwe,
which is not Angola or South Africa.
Praise God for Namibia.

(Photo Attribution: Heyheyuwb at en.wikipedia
Creative Commons)

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