Guest poem — Carol Hallman, on Puerto Rico

While Puerto Ricans
Search for water
Sweat in hot shelters
Or what is left of their homes

The President tweets
“respect the flag
Those SOB’s
Should be fired”

While Puerto Ricans
Are running out of food
Have no way of communicating
Across the island

The President tweets
About the flag
And the respect
It has to have

While Puerto Ricans
Struggle to survive
Each day
Without power
While they search
For loved ones

The President sits
In his office
And tweets
“it’s not about race
It’s about respect”

Where is your respect
For those in Puerto Rico
Just struggling to survive
Where is your compassion
Your care your help

Then you tweet
And blame them
For poor infrastructure
And major debt

No, it is way more
Important to tweet
About the NFL
And disparage free speech
And blame others
Than to look into the face
of men, women and children
worried about food
and drink and shelter
for tomorrow

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1 Response to Guest poem — Carol Hallman, on Puerto Rico

  1. Stephen Price says:

    Yes! Yes! Thank you.

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